Control insects without insecticides

Diatomaceous Earth is very useful in a number of ways … scroll down to find out more!

Diatomaceous Earth is the fossilized shells of unicellular microscopic water-dwelling plants known as Diatoms. These tiny unicellular plants use soluble silica (sand) from their environment to make their cell walls. When these organisms die, the shells pile up on the bottom to form thick beds of sediment. These beds, called Diatomite or Diatomaceous Earth, are then mined from the bottom of ancient dried lakes.


Are there different types of Diatomaceous Earth?

YES !! The kind of Diatomaceous Earth you want is referred to as natural Diatomaceous Earth because it has NOT been calcined or altered in any other chemical way. Natural Diatomaceous Earth is classified as amorphous silica. You only want to buy natural, fresh water sourced Diatomaceous Earth that has less than 1% crystalline silica and is 100% safe and organic. Amorphous Silica is safe for, amongst others, mammals, plants, as a natural pesticide and a soil enhancement medium. Always check to ensure that the Diatomaceous Earth you purchase is Food Grade.

Diatomaceous Earth Uses

Diatomaceous Earth is very useful in a number of ways; amongst others, as anti-caking agent, protecting stored grain, parasite control, deodorization and absorption, insect control and as a source of minerals for animals, plants and humans.

Insect Control

People have a lot of trouble with various insect infestations such as millipedes, ants, fleas etc. in their houses and surrounds. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth around the house twice a year and there will be noticably fewer millipedes and ants.

Some farmers also dust it around the areas where cattle, horse and goats etc spend a lot of time. The animals soon start rolling in this material, resulting in less flies because DE kills fly larvae and external parasites. Other farmers have even found that there are far fewer flies by adding the Diatomaceous Earth to the feed. They have established that the Diatomaceous Earth comes out with the manure – in one end, out the other, and in-between, parasites and coccidiosis bite the dust.

Diatomaceous Earth works as well both as a dry dust or a wettable spray. The wettable spray method is often used in gardens by horticulturalists, gardeners, and in nurseries. When sprayed wet, the material covers the foliage and other surfaces better than the dry dust thus giving better coverage. However, it is only effective once the mixture has dried. Many claim that it lasts longer when applied wet. Furthermore, Diatomaceous Earth is also used as a soil enhancer (granules) in the cultivation of various types of vegetables, plants, trees and flowers.

Diatomaceous Earth works mechanically and not chemically, moreover, it is non-toxic, totally natural, residual and insects cannot develop immunity to it.

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