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Dangers of grass seeds

Hello all, We’ve just gone through a very worrying time with our Jessy, which sparked the content of my newsletter. She has just come home after a 2 day ‘visit’ to the vet because a grass seed had to be surgically removed from the soft tissue in […]

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Dogs Driving Cars!?

And they’re ruff… Now the driving dogs have been let loose on the racetrack (and show they really CAN drive a car) For the four-legged competitors, two months of hard work – and a fair few treats – ensured they were raring to get on the racetrack. […]

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Clever dogs using Russia’s subways

Dogs are allowed on public transport in all of Europe, but generally with their master.  This is even more interesting. STRAY dogs in Moscow are commuting to and from a city centre on underground trains in search of food scraps. The clever canines board the Tube each morning.  After a hard day scavenging […]

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