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“All of our complete and balanced diets are supplemented by vitamins and minerals as required by law to meet the regulations.”

doggobone-raw-foodActive Raw Dog Food is different from extruded or canned food in that it has never been exposed to any heat or pressure. This means that all the enzymes, vitamins and micronutrients found in the ingredients are unchanged from the active state found in living tissue.

None of the proteins are denatured since heat invariably destroys protein. Our nutritionist puts it so beautifully that, when you fry an egg it cannot be unfryed and wool that has been shrunk cannot be un-shrunk. These are examples of denaturing of a protein which is what heat does, including the heat of an extruder, (machine used in the manufacturing of kibble).

Enzymes, proteins, micro-nutrients, etc. are an integral part of any living organism and life would not be able to exist without it, and when subjected to heat, the living enzymes and proteins suffer to one extent or another and such are therefore less active if active at all.

The result of cooking is that it kills bacteria. Many bacteria are most useful in the nutrition of creatures, and in some cases, may even be essential. It is very well known that many vitamins are extremely fragile and heating renders them greatly diminished in nutritional value. In raw dog food their potency remains high.

Active Raw Dog FoodA nutritionist by the name of Dr Humbart Santillo in his book, Food Enzymes, The Missing Link to Radiant Health makes a comparison of enzymes to a light bulb, “A light bulb can only light-up when you put an electric current through it”. Taking into account this analogy, the light bulb is the body, which requires a current that is a life force of enzymes that supplies current to the physical body in order for it to operate at its optimum and without its correct supply it would be just a physical structure without a current. This is the role of enzymes within our body structure.

Feeding your companion pets Active Raw Dog Food is the best nutrition you can give your dog or cat. Numerous benefits have been noted from feeding this diet, such as lower cost, firm stools, natural ingredients, odorless breath and better general appearance just to name a few. Since we regard every pet as an individual, they will each display something different.

Active Raw Dog Food has been carefully developed using only the best ingredients nature has to offer. Our Qualified Animal Nutritionist has 30 years experience in developing diets for different animals all over the world and we owe much of our success to his expert knowledge and unselfish expert guidance through this journey of creating a masterpiece every time.

cod-rugyWe have also enlisted the services of an independent company to run spot checks for food borne pathogens as well as analysis on all our products.

Active Raw Dog Food consists of finely ground meat with bone, organ meat, fresh vegetables, fruit and garden herbs. In addition all our complete and balanced diets are supplemented by vitamins and minerals as required by law to meet the act 36 of 1947 regulations.

All our ingredients are fit for human consumption and are sourced from accredited suppliers only. Only the addition of ground meat including bone and the labeling makes this product unfit for human consumption.

The Secret To Success


Meat is an important aspect of a raw diet. It is a great source of protein as well as supplying varying amounts of fats, water and some vitamins and minerals. Meat provides your pet with energy.


Bones supply proteins, vitamins, minerals, natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids to your pet’s diet. Bone marrow in particular, is a highly nutritious mix of blood-forming elements such as iron. It is important that essential nutrients should have a high biological value. Never give your dog cooked bones as it is not only unhealthy for a dog, but may also be dangerous. Cooked Bones become brittle and may splinter. These splinters may cause choking, or may even puncture or become embedded in the intestinal tract or stomach.

Organ Meat

Organ meat includes the internal organ meats, which are vital for a healthy dog, although not required in large amounts. Organ meats are great during times of growth, reproduction, and stress. It mainly contains vitamins, probiotics, iron, zinc, and phytonutrients that are needed for their well being.

Vegetables and fruit

Dogs need some raw vegetables and fruit in their diet as they contain essential nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants In addition, they are an excellent source of fiber as well as vitamin A and vitamin C. Vegetables and Fruit have proven to have anti-aging properties. It is not required in large amounts and is included to fundamentally mimic the stomach content of the prey.

Herbs, vitamins and minerals

Our nutritionist has prompted us to add these important and natural ingredients to the diets. And although these ingredients are included in small quantities, we support the view that their addition is needed to form a more complete and nutritionally-balanced product. Taking into account that our environment has suffered at the hands of pollution and industrialization and that the soil quality may not be as high as it was only a few years ago, we feel that the addition of herbs, vitamins, and minerals have made our products even better.

Our Feeding Guide

white labrador puppiesWe use a simple calculation to work out how much you need to feed your pet. This is based on the weight of the animal multiplied by the percentage you need to feed. Please note this is only our feeding guideline. Each animal is an individual and as the parent/owner, you are the best judge, based of course, on the results you would like to achieve.

Another important component of feeding a raw diet is the process of fasting. This age-old practice is known to aid digestion and cleanses the body of toxins. It is important to note that the practice of fasting is common to animals in the wild. We would suggest that you fast your adult pet one day per week. The necessary amount of fasting time will vary from animal to animal. Be sure to provide plenty of fresh water. Note that fasting is an optional component and is not crucial to your pet’s overall health.

4.5-8% 2.0% 3.0-3.5%
4.0-6% 2.5% 4.5-8%
1.5% 2.5-3%

Due to our commitment to using only fresh meat and vegetables, colour and texture variances may be seen across different batches.


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