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Earth Fair Market

Come and visit Marlize every Saturday at the Manic Organic table at the Earth Fair Market in Tokai for a chat and to view the products available. First table on the left as you come in!

Manic Organic was created in 2005 to offer a comprehensive and informative website about all things organic. Initially our products were geared towards supplying organic South African products like toiletries, cosmetics and household cleaners. As time went by most of the organic shops, pharmacies and health stores started keeping these high quality products in stock and we realised that it was time to change our focus.

Now we are offering pet owners the opportunity to use natural and organic products for their beloved pets. None of our products contain any preservatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients.

It is time for us to treat our pets with the same consideration as we do our own bodies and our environment. We are proud to confirm that all the products on this website are produced in Cape Town, keeping down our carbon footprint and supporting local industry at the same time.


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